Young Saheliya

The Young Saheliya Service provides support for young BME women and girls from the age of 12-25 years.  Here at Saheliya we understand that it may be difficult for you to meet friends, have barriers to make the choices that you want, have a free, safe,  private and confidential space to chat to some-one about things that may be bothering you…


balloonsWe have created a safe and relaxing space for girls and young women from various backgrounds. Take the opportunity to hang out and meet new people, exchange views and discover other cultures.

ZeenGet involved in creative projects and feel free to bring your own unique input into things that are interesting to you. we are open to discuss about anything that is important to you. We can also help you with educational and career advice.  Our drop-in days are usually Wednesdays (Glasgow) and Fridays (Edinburgh).

1-1 Support

You may feel that you need extra support finding a job, developing your confidence or motivation, want to find out more about Edinburgh, Scotland and UK if you are maybe new to the country. These are just a few examples.  Your support worker will initially ask you to come to Saheliya,  discuss, explore and develop a plan of what You would like support with, styling it to Your needs. You and your support worker will then work together to achieve these intended goals.


butterfliesThe Young Saheliya counsellor will further support you and provide a safe space to talk about any problems that you may be facing in your life. Our counsellor is qualified to listen, help make sense of stuff in your life and not judge anything that you share and explore ways of coping with any difficulties.

Complementary Therapies

Take time to pamper yourself and enjoy a free relaxing session of massage, reflexology and aromatherapy offered by experience female therapists. Please get in touch with us for further information.


mapAll of our Services are Free, Friendly and Confidential. We will only share information with others if you ask us to or if we feel that we are concerned about your safety.

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